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About Dr. Peterson

Why learn about personality?

Every day, you have to interact with yourself as well as other people in your family, work, and romantic relationships. Each of them has a unique personality.

People are different, and it can be challenging to understand other perspectives because you see the world through the lens of your own particular personality.

Although personality differences can be frustrating, they are important. Each personality type is evolved to solve a different kind of problem. Humans cooperate in societies by solving many kinds of problems together, through these diverse personality types.

Through this course, you can learn to understand yourself and others better, and to more effectively cooperate with other people.

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Who should take this course?

Anyone who is interested in improving their understanding of themselves or their ability to work with other people will find the information presented in this course incredibly valuable and practical.

This 5-hour, densely-packed course features a balanced combination of theory and narrative. It has been designed for those looking to learn about personality without spending tens of hours on research. It is easy to follow and appropriate for anyone interested in the subject, but it is still intellectually challenging. No prerequisite knowledge is required.


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What is the Big Five Personality Model?

This course is based on the Big Five Personality Model. The Big Five personality traits, also known as the five-factor model (FFM), or by the mnemonic “OCEAN”, is a taxonomy for personality traits. Scientists developed the five-factor model following statistical analysis of the language people use to describe other people. They found that personality adjectives tended to clump into five major categories. The five-factor model emerged from this, and it includes the following traits:

How will this course help you?

Course Modules:

Introductory Lecture

The introductory lecture is an interview with Dr. Peterson discussing the big picture behind the course and its origins. These lectures are the result of years of research, thought, debate, and intellectual refinement. He also speaks about what you will learn in the course and why it is valuable in the present day.

“You spend a tremendous amount of your time engaging with other people. You need to understand what they’re like, and you need to understand what you’re like. People are actually quite different. If you know what the differences are, that means you can cooperate with them better, and compete with them better, and all of that’s positive.”


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